Feb 25, 2015

Brush Up On It - Small Kabuki Brushes

Hey there!

I'm going to admit it. I have this feeling you might be able to admit it too. I have no earthly idea what to do with my tiny kabuki brushes.

The last 2 times I purchased e.l.f. products, I got a free kabuki brush. Once I got the super duper soft e.l.f. Kabuki Face Brush and the second time I got the e.l.f. Slanted Kabuki Brush. Both brushes are big fluffy brushes that are super soft. Because they are small, they are kind of hard to grip. I suppose you'd use finishing powder with these but the bristle head is so big I feel like I don't have control of where the powder is going.

There was a small brush in my Too Faced blush palette. It's called a mini Flatbuki brush. It is also super soft and so cute. It's well made and tapered to a point. I guess I could use it for bronzing but really, come on. It's too small for that!

My aunt gave me a makeup brush set and there was a small one in there too. The brand is Beauty Professional. It's a densely packed kabuki brush in a gold, square holder. It is really cute and classy and kinda useless. Of all of the brushes, I could probably get away with using this one except it's not soft at all. It's hard and itchy. This one could cut a girl -- seriously.

So now I have all of these small kabuki brushes -- what do I do with them??

I've been displaying them on my makeup counter but that's not the proper place for them, I know. So what on earth should I do with them? What are you doing with your tiny kabuki brushes? Are you really using them, displaying them or tossing them?

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