Jan 22, 2015

What I Drank This Month

Hey There!

No, it's not Wine About It Wednesday. This is a glance at the warm beverages I've been partaking of first thing in the morning -- You know, coffee and tea. You can't drink wine at 6am! What kind of lush do you think I am? Never mind. Don't answer that.  

Anywhosie, I drink coffee or tea every morning. It doesn't matter what the weather is like outside. Inside my house the Keurig machine is a'brewing. This month I drank a lot (or a little in one case) of these babies here.

Let's start  with the Archer Farms Candy Cane coffee ($11.98 @ Target). It was going to be something that I really liked or really hated. My favorite Holiday drink from Starbucks is White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha so that tells you, I loved this coffee!! I added white chocolate to this mix and while it didn't rival Starbucks, it was really good. It's a light roast so I go through these 18 count boxes a bit quicker than normal cups. When I have a light roast I usually brew 2 of them at a time in order to make one hardy cup. 

The next coffee is Barista Prima Coffeehouse Decaf Italian Roast ($11.99 @ Bed Bath & Beyond). I have hypertension so I try to only drink decaf each morning. It's hard to find good decaffeinated coffee! Because I drink decaf I really prefer a bold, dark coffee. Most decafs are medium or light. That means I have to brew a small cup in order to get any flavor. This decaf is one that is decent. It's not my favorite but it works better than others. It's a rich flavor that can withstand the half and half creamer that I add. 

The Archer Farms Caramel Macchiato decaffeinated ($11.98 @ Target) is a light roast coffee but if brewed on the smallest cup setting, it works nicely. The caramel notes are really good and it also stands up to a dash of half and half. Sometimes I add the tiniest splash of salted caramel flavored syrup but usually just a bit of sugar and go.

And the Green Mountain Limited Edition Gingerbread coffee (normally $11.98 @ Target on sale for $7.68) that you see? It tasted HORRIBLE! I took three sips and that was all I could stomach. I took that bad boy into work. I thought it was interesting that this is the second Gingerbread coffee I've tried and vetoed but the Gingerbread tea that you see below the coffee is fantastic. 

The Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice Herbal Tea is warm and sweet and I love drinking it before bed. It's seasonal so you have  to stock up at holiday time but it's so worth it. If I'm not mistaken, you can find them discounted now at Target. 

And yes, I get quite a few of my coffees and teas from Target. They have a great selection and when you combine a coupon with a sale and cartwheel, you get a party. The last time I bought three coffees I paid $7 each AND got a $5 Target gift card. Wanna know what I did with the gift card? I used two coupons and got two FREE boxes of tea. How 'bout that?!

My favorite coffee in life (in Kcup form) is Tully's Decaffeinated French Roast. Best. Coffee. Ever! I'm out of it and usually have to order it on line (#DecafProblems). I'm waiting for my BB&B shipment now. 

What have you been drinking? Do you switch it up like I do? Are you enjoying it? I think I'm going to order some regional coffee and see what it I like it. Do you have one That I should try?

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