Jan 23, 2015

Brush Up On It!!

Hey there!

I mentioned that I was going to take the hair donut that I bought from Dollar Tree and try using it to clean my makeup brushes. I've seen a new brush cleaner that's out (Vera Mona Colour Switch Solo is the one I found) and folks have said that the dupe for this is the hair donut. I'm all for an easier way to clean my brushes. And, a dollar is a great deal...if it works. 

Again, I picked up my hair donut at Dollar Tree (for $1) and squeezed it into an empty candle jar. I ran my makeup brushes across it to aid in the cleaning process. Wanna know what I discovered?

Concealer brushes are pretty strong. They stood up to the hair donut. I put some brush cleanser (dawn dish liquid and a touch of olive oil for conditioning) on the brush and swirled it around the donut. It still took just as many wash and rinse times as it normally does when I wash them against the palm of my hand. The friction of the donut works pretty nicely for the concealer brush.

And that's it for the good stuff about the dupe. I used the donut with my e.l.f. Angled Blush Brush. Arggggg! It made the brushes go every which way. I think the bristles are too soft for the hair donut, which makes me wonder if they are too soft to use with the Vera Mona.

In my opinion it just wasn't good. I will keep using the palm of my hand for now. If something new comes along, I'll try it but this was not the way to go for me.

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