Jan 21, 2015

L.A. Colors Color Craze Gel Extreme Shine Gel Like Polish

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Let's talk about the L.A. Colors Color Craze Gel Extreme Shine Gel Like Polish I found. I was wandering through the Family Dollar, making sure I didn't miss anything, when I stumbled upon 16 of these little beauties. The colors didn't jump out at me but the Gel Like and Extreme Shine sure did. I like a polish that mimics the salon gel nail qualities and, shine is my middle name (well, not really but you know what I mean). I picked up 2 colors that I thought I could live with and ran home (after paying $1.99 each).

I brought home Mademoiselle (a pink color with brown undertones) and Tempt (a deep navy blue color). I was more excited by Tempt than I was Mademoiselle so that's the one I planned on using.

Let's jump to quality for a minute. Both polishes behaved differently. Tempt went on streaky on coat one and slightly better on coat two. Mademoiselle went on almost opaque on coat one and positively opaque on coat two. Tempt didn't remind me of a gel at all while Mademoiselle looked just like gel nails from the salon.

I didn't expect to see the extreme shine because I always use my Sally Hansen Insta-dri so any shine is because of Sally. The brush is a large brush that isn't tapered and doesn't handle very well. This is actually where you see the poor quality. The brush on Mademoiselle has fibers sticking out that I'll have to cut off before the next use.

Both were a bear to work with. Mademoiselle was a struggle to use but I used it and loved the result. It's a beautiful color that I will enjoy reaching for. Even though it's difficult, I think the end result is so worth it.

Tempt was a different story. It was hard to work with and looked hideous. Because I love you good people, I'll show you what it looked like on my two nails before I risked my base coat on my right hand to get that crap off. I didn't like it. It was streaky and I dared not put on a third coat for fear of it looking caked on and super thick. Let's say horrible together, shall we?

And my nails chipped on day 2. I expect more than that from a gel nail. So while L.A. Colors has jumped on the gel nail band wagon, I don't think it's done a very good job. The formula isn't that good and the lasting power sucks.

I won't be purchasing any more of these.

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