Jan 28, 2015

Quickie Review - e.l.f. Lipsticks

Hey There!

Yeppers, I'm still talking about the things I purchased from e.l.f. In my defense, it was a lot of stuff for under $35! When you have that much stuff to try out, it takes a while.

I purchased 3 lipsticks from e.l.f.; 2 Mineral Lipsticks ($5 on sale for $3.75, Barely Bitten and Rich Raspberry) and 1 Moisturizing Lipstick ($3 on sale for $2.25, Rosy-Go-Round). I've purchased e.l.f. lipsticks before and picked the wrong colors. This time I did quite a bit more research on the web before pulling the trigger.

All of the colors are great. The top color, Barely Bitten, is a reddish brown that works well for fall and winter. It's warm and is a lip liner accentuater. No matter what lip liner I wear, this color makes it better.

The middle one, Rich Raspberry, has to be my favorite. It's a rich berry color that goes so well with my skin tone. It's sweet and I can use this as a year round color.

The bottom color, Rosy-Go-Round, is a berry color too, maybe strawberry. It's a nice red as well but it comes off a bit redder than I want so I add a light brown lip gloss over the top.

Even though these tout lip moisturizing properties, I'm not sure that I'd agree. They are nice on the lips, as long as you wear a lip balm underneath. If you don't, you will have some seriously hurt feelings. Even so, they aren't bad and I don't mind wearing them.

If you are thinking about getting these lipsticks, I'd say go for it! Wear a lip balm and choose your colors carefully. Don't look at the e.l.f website. Go to the internet and see what other people say about the colors. Look at internet swatches and go from there.

If you do that, you'll enjoy these lippies just as much as I do!

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