Jan 27, 2015

Hard Candy eye palette

Hey there!

My wonderful sister picked up a Hard Candy eye palette for me this Christmas. She knows me so well helps fuel my addiction. 

This lovely kit comes with a small brush (unusable) and a small tube of eyeshadow primer (VERY usable). There are 10 shadows in the black and pink box with a nice sized mirror. It's not the best made box but it's not terrible.

These colors are nicely pigmented, not super pigmented but very usable. I like a softer eye, so this works well for me. You can do a good smokey eye but not a strong smokey eye. It's true that some of the colors resemble each other when swatched but my complexion isn't the best test of that. I have many high end palettes where several shades show up the same on my eye.

The shadows are soft when used with fingers. To me, this is a palette that works best with fingers or those sponge brushes. I find that with the eyeshadow shader brushes, you have to pack on too much product. I swatched 4 of my favorite colors for you (Do you see that raspberry? I love it!).

This is a very nice starter palette or for someone, like me, that likes softer shades on their eyes. The price is right ($4.95) and Hard Candy is a brand known for making good eyeshadows. In my opinion this palette shows that fact.

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