Jan 29, 2015

Cheap Eats - Dollar Tree - Snapps brand Crispy Green Bean Fries and Mushroom Bites

Hey There!

I've been loving up on my local Dollar Trees. I have been getting decorations, snacks, pizza (OMG, the kiddo and I are going to turn into homemade pizzas!), makeup, home goods and just general stuff that I didn't know I needed until I saw them at the store. I can't remember the last time I made it out of there for less than $20.

A few weeks ago I stocked up on freezer snacks. I normally don't get the chance because unless you are going straight home (and I never am) your frozen things will thaw. This particular time I was going straight home and it was pretty chilly outside. My frozen foods made it home safely.

Two of the frozen goodies that I purchased were the Snapps brand Crispy Green Bean Fries and Mushroom Bites. I like fried mushrooms from grills and pubs so I thought these two would be great to try. And who can beat the price ($1)?

Well, first let's look at the picture and then the actual cooked items. The mushroom bites look the same but the crispy green bean fries look NUTHIN' like the picture. I guess that's okay because they tasted nuthin' like they should have. The tasted like steamed green beans with a drizzle of old oil on them. The coating wasn't on the beans. It was off to the side of the beans. They weren't good at all. I trashed them. I don't recommend them.

The mushroom bites were a bit better. They were mushroom pieces shoved together to make a mushroom shape. The batter coating stayed on but didn't offer much in the way of flavor. I at least finished my serving but I didn't save the leftovers.

I just don't think these two items were good. I was hoping that I'd have yet another great dollar find. This wasn't one.

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