Jan 26, 2015

Quickie Review - Bite Beauty Matte Cream Lip Crayon in Gavi

Hey There!

Everybody knows that me and Bite Beauty lippies go together. We definitely have a thing going on. Ever since I tried my first Bite Beauty lipstick duo, I have been in love. Recently I purchased my first Bite Beauty Matte Cream Lip Crayon and the love fest continues.

I bought my lip crayon in the color Gavi. Online it's said to be a gorgeous matte peachy nude. That's about right. It's a warm nude that's almost too nude for my complexion. It goes on smoothly, stays on for a few hours and feels hydrating. I just probably should have gotten a different color.

I think for me, this is best as a lip base. A small layer of balm, this lip crayon as a base and whatever color you want, would make a great lip of the day. The Bite Beauty crayon would help maintain the color longer.

I paid $12 minus 20% during the Sephora VIB sale. I am very pleased with it for $9.60. It's a great lip base and I'm sure that other colors would make a great lipstick.

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