Jan 13, 2015

Putting Away The Christmas Tree

Hey There!

Total random post. Is your Christmas tree down yet? Are you still plugging in the twinkle lights each evening? Are your poinsettias dying a slow, painful death?

We just took all the decorations off of the tree and put the garland away (well, kinda). We did take down all of the faux red and silver plants and we don't turn the twinkle lights on each night. I still have my Target white tinsel trees on my television because when I took them down from the bookshelf, that's as far as they got.

Putting up decorations this year was hard. We didn't do it until the week before. No real reason. We just got super busy with stuff and finally realized if we don't put the tree up, Santa ain't gonna come! Now that he came and loved all up on us, we didn't feel super motivated to take it all back down.

We did a small holiday decor plan. In the past I have gone all out and strung up lights on two entire walls. I have put garland around the entire living/diningroom (that's a lot of garland). I have pulled out the holiday salt and pepper shakers (ALL of them!). I have put up 3 trees in total (full decorations). This year I pulled 6 boxes out of storage and used 2 of them (plus the box that the faux tree came in -- allergies people). This year, Christmas tree, one string of lights, 2 white tinsel trees and that's it.

Now it's time to put it all back and I can't even be bothered to do that! Each night when I get home from work and I do a little bit of packing and by Friday it will all be ready to go back in the storage closet. Has anyone else procrastinated like this?

The real reason I took stuff down is because it's time to put up my Valentine's Day decor. While the red and silver faux flowers for Christmas work, I'd rather not have Christmas plants up on February 14. THAT would be bad!

Tell me I'm not the only one procrastinating like this. You haven't finished putting things away, have you? This will be your weekend too, right?

What? You put your stuff away January 2nd?


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