Jan 20, 2015

Making a House a Home - Stor It Vacuum Storage Bag

Hey There!

I realized I've neglected my Making a House a Home series (ha! one previous post). I can't do that to you good people. Some of you are just waiting to see what you need to do to perfect the place that you live in! If you guys are waiting on me, you poor dears, you probably need to pick up a proper house decorating magazine. You know I don't have any decorating sense! My house theme is "beach front property". It has been that for five years.

But I digress. For those of you that find my house and home posts insightful (or just plain funny) I have a find for you.

I found this Stor It Vacuum Storage Bag at my local Dollar Tree. I had heard so many YouTubers tout its fantasticness. I decided that I needed to try this baby out. With this being only a dollar, it could be the discovery of the year. The kiddo has a ton of clothes and each season, she trades things out. Right now she has three boxes over flowing with summer clothes. I, on the other hand, moved my summer clothes to a 2 foot space in my closet (#ImTheMomIssues).

This Stor It Vacuum Storage Bag said that it gives you three times more space, it's airtight and waterproof and great for storing pillows, bedding, soft toys, clothing and towels. I'm just interested in clothing right now and I have no plans on testing the waterproof theory.

The instructions tell you to pack the bag, close the bag, unscrew the valve cap, suck out the air with a vacuum and screw the valve cap back on. So, I did just that. Except, I don't have a vacuum with a circular hose. My hose is rectangular. So, I opened a bit of the bag and sucked out the air that way and you know what?


Originally when I filled the bag with clothes, It was 8 1/3" high. I didn't count what I put in there but it was the contents of a full paper box. When I sucked the air out, it was 6 1/2" high. I forgot to measure the length of the bag pre and post vacuum, but I can tell you that there was about 2" of shrinkage. That's quite a bit. No, that doesn't seem like 3 times the space BUT when you look at the airless bag, you realize that you can take 2 of these and put them upright in the empty paper box. I do think that it gives you twice the space but not 3 times the space.

But let's be honest. This is a $1 bag. If I can purchase 3 of these and make room for the kiddos off season clothes, my off season clothes and maybe the scarves and gloves that you don't need, then it is certainly worth it.

My vote is that you run out to your dollar store and pick up 2 or 3 of these bags. I think you will be as impressed as I was.

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