Jan 11, 2015

It's A Haul Y'all! - Dollar Tree

Hey there!!

I thought we'd have a little fun today and talk about what I bought at the 4 Dollar Tree's that I went to. Now, I won't talk about all of the food items that I purchased because some went in the freezer and some went in my tummy, you know the drill. But, after I spend a few weeks trying some of the freezer items and food items that are new to me, I'll come back and tell you folks what I thought of them.

It has been a while since I've done a Dollar Tree crawl (like a pub crawl but sober and nothing to do with alcohol so, not like a pub crawl at all). There are 2 Dollar Trees near me but they don't always have what I want so sometimes I have to travel in order to find fun things. That's what I did this time.

I'll start off with the cleaning type stuff. I didn't need much but I have seen everyone and their mother use the Electronics Wipes. It says you can use them on cell phones, televisions, laptops, tablets and more. So far I've used them on my laptop, cell phone and the TV. They worked. The stuff is clean. For a dollar, I have no complaints at all. I also got Spic and Span Fashion Long Cuff Latex Gloves (for cleaning) and 2 sets of 2 green, square plastic bins. I like to hide things in bins and these are perfect for that. They are nice  and sturdy.

Next are my health and beauty aid products. I picked up a brush and comb set for the hair brush. I have fine baby hairs that stick up in the front of my hair and on days when I decide to rock a ponytail I have to slick them down a bit. This brush is the perfect size and the bristles are just right. I'll probably toss the comb. It's too small and hard for a human to use. I picked up an L.A. Colors nail polish in Wired. It's the perfect Tardis Blue for my toes. I'm a HUGE Dr. Who fan and I do polish my nails in Tardis colors when Dr. Who comes back on for the season. Doesn't everyone?

I picked up a cute slanted tweezer to keep at work because...well...sometimes I get hairs in embarrassing places. There! I've said it. I have the occasional beard and side burn hair and I need to take care of the situation! Don't judge me!

You see that hair doughnut? I'm not going to use it in my hair at all (nor is it an edible doughnut -- such a terrible name). I've heard many people talk about how they use this to clean their makeup brushes. I plan on trying it out. I'll let you know how it works.

Everyone has been going on and on about the Valentines items that have come out at the Dollar Tree. The YouTubers say that you have to get in early and get out quick if you want anything. I only wanted a few things. I have a pair of Valentines socks pictured (and a regular pair too) but I also picked up 2 other pair for the kiddo. I also got 3 types of washi tape because I do decorate my planner as well as my calendar at work. I can also decorate almost anything with washi tape. You can just peel it off when you get tired of it. The candle holder isn't exactly Valentines-ish but it was the last one that they had and I wanted it.

Last but not least are just a few random things. Yes, those are Double Chocolatey Rice Krispy Treats and Lance Lem-O-Lunch cookies. The kiddo likes the Rice Krispy Treats and I love the Lemon cookies. Don't sleep on snacks at the Dollar Tree!

I picked up wine themed napkins because my Wine Club occasionally reads books. Wait. No, my Book Club occasionally drinks wine. Yes. That's right.  I also picked up silver sparkly flickering effect LED Tealight Candles because, why wouldn't you? I put one in my silver candle holder and it's darling! They aren't bright enough to bring home a ship in a storm or to read by but they are nice and could be considered romantic.

And that's what I bought from 4 different Dollar Trees. Like I said I did pick up some food items but I'd like to review each item and let you know what I thought. I can tell you that while not everything is a bargain at Dollar Tree, it's always fun to shop there!

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