Jan 10, 2015

bareMinerals READY Luminizer

Hey There!

Over the holidays my sister and I went to a bareMinerals boutique. I love the bareMinerals boutiques because it's an easy store stroll. Because it's only one brand, you don't feel pulled 25 different ways. And, it seems that their sales people (while very warm and friendly) aren't overbearing. I have been to some makeup stores that I just had to leave because the hard sales pitch was real.

I strolled through because I wanted to check out their highlighter. I had been playing with highlighters and illuminators from several makeup brands and I wanted to see what bareMinerals had to offer. The lovely sales associate pointed me in the direction of the bareMinerals READY Luminizer.

The READY Luminizer is so subtle and so nice. It's just that little pop of highlight where you need it. It's not too much on your face and the color is perfect. There are two colors that you can use independently but I swirl them together. There is The Love Affair which is a warmer, rose gold highlighter and The Shining Moment is a more champagne colored highlighter.

The bareMinerals READY Luminizer is $24 which isn't a bad price for a highlighter (or two in this case). I like the bareMinerals products and this one is no exception. It's smooth and not powdery. I do a quick swirl with my brush and get plenty of product to place on top of my cheeks. I think this container will last me quite a while.

Even though the price tag might turn some people away, I think the fact that you only have to use a small amount should bring you right back. If you are like me and only use a small amount, you could get 6 - 12 months out of this easily. Thank means $4 - $2 per month. Yes, you could get cheaper ones but this is a buttery smooth that the cheaper ones don't have. I say splurge and get it and let me know what you think!

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