Dec 31, 2014

Wine About It Wednesday - December

Hey There!

If you thought last month was lax on the wine front, you ain't seen nothing yet. December was truly lax!

It's not that I didn't drink wine (we all know that!), it's that I mainly drank wine away from the house. It's the holiday season and I went out and about just a little bit. Yep, your girl is being a grownup and doin' a little something this year (more on that plan in my New Years Blog -- of course).

I went out with some folks from work and sipped on some Riesling from The Seeker Wine*. It's a German Riesling that I actually enjoyed. There have been many German Rieslings that I have tried and they were too tart and/or dry for my liking. This one sat nicely. It was nice to try it by the glass but now, I can't find it in my local stores! When I do find it, I'll add it to my Wine About It Wednesday again, just so you can see the full sized bottle. The other places that I went to didn't have good Rieslings so I didn't get a full glass and I didn't bother to pull the information on them.

The one of the two wines that were open at the house was my Paradise Peak Sweet Riesling. Last time I went to Total Wine & More, I picked up 2 bottles so I am just finishing up the last one. I've mentioned last month that it is one of my top five. If you are new (welcome, next time bring your own wine glass) Paradise Peak is a wine that you will probably always find in my house.

I also picked up Jam Jar Sweet Wine and really liked it! It's not a top ten status just yet, it might make it. I call it a comfortable wine. Jam Jar's website calls it a "charming, easy-drinking Moscato...[with] peach, apricot, lychee and orange blossom". I can pick-up the peach notes and I figure that's why it's such a refreshing wine. I enjoyed it and will probably buy it again.

And that's it. No, seriously, that's all the wine I have at my house. Not very helpful for you but easy on my budget. I do have some bottles picked out for January so you should have a proper tasting for the last Wednesday of the month. Come back for that. AND, we have a topic to think about for then...homework, if you will.

Wine fridge or no? Talk amongst yourselves and we will discuss later.

* is where I "borrowed" the picture from (I didn't do it with ANY disrespect I promise). I am still searching out places where I can purchase this wine from locally. Georgia is one of those states that doesn't take to kindly to shipping wines in so lots of companies don't ship here.

**Most of the time, the wine notes are gathered from the Total Wine & More website -- the website where this wino lady gets her drink on. I also attend classes and tastings there (shout out to my peeps!).

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