Dec 19, 2014 Product Review

Hey there!!

Folks, we've been hauling so much stuff, I thought it was time to review some of that stuff. I try to use things at least 2 weeks before I give my opinion. These are items that I've had for about that time so I feel confident that my opinion is safe.

These are items that I picked up from I knew that I was going to try out some new brushes because in my head (ain't that a scary place to be?!) I need more. So, I ordered two of the Eco Tools brushes-- the Tapered Blush Brush and the Custom Coverage Buffing Brush. I haven't used the buffing brush yet (see how much I needed it) but I have tried the blush brush and I love it! The width is nice, the taper is nice, it's just a great brush. I have used this every day, washed it several times and not one hair has shed. Oh, and it's super soft. Gotta love that.

I also picked up an Essence lip liner in Red Blush. This was a price filler. I need to spend $10 and this liner helped me do it. I'm glad I didn't expect much from this liner because I didn't get much. It doesn't last on the lips and once you put on your lipstick, it moves. I mean moves! I was not a fan. I am soooo glad that this was just a filler. I'd have been very disappointed if I were expecting more.

The reason I needed a filler was because I purchased the NYX Illuminator in Chaotic. I had heard really good things about this product and was very excited to get it. When you see this pretty peachy pink color, you honestly think it's going to warm your cheeks and add a glow. It doesn't do that. In fact, it doesn't do anything for me. No warmth, no glow, no nuthin! The only saving grace for the Illuminator and the lip liner was that I got them for right at $5 total (Cyber Monday sale). I will be able to pass the Illuminator to a friend (a paler friend) that might be able to get some color from this. We'll see.

So my Ulta purchases were 50/50. Considering I only paid $13 for everything, I'll take it. The makeup brushes are worth that.

This has taught me that is probably not a good place for me. I definitely need to go into that store and try before I buy.

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