Dec 13, 2014


Hey there!

There wasn't a blog yesterday. There won't be one today.

I'm sorry.

I had to go out of town this week (good reasons) but I guess the circulated air on the travels there and back got to me because I'm down for the count. I feel like a snotty mess (sorry). I've slept off and on all day. I just woke up and became coherent 20 minutes ago.

So, I don't have a post for you. I did have 3 posts in the can, but I used them while I was out of town. And, I did a basic write up while I was out of town but I don't have the energy to do anything else with it.

If I felt better, I'd post in a heartbeat but alas I feel terrible. So we both get a day off.

I know that I'll feel better tomorrow. My Echinacea tea, Cold Ease and juices tell me so.

Pass me that box of Kleenex please.


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