Dec 29, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Wet n Wild's Taking The Red-Eye and Sephora by OPI's Be-Claus I Said So plus Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel

Hey There!

Yeah, 2 of these polishes are the same. They were so pretty (and lasted so long) I decided to keep them and just add my new Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel top coat.

You already know what I thought of the other colors but I'm here to tell you that Holiday Rebel just brought the perfect amount of green and red holiday sparkle that my phalanges needed (SAT/ACT word of the day - you learn here people!). I of course, waited until they chipped to take the picture BUT it's worth noting that it took 8 days for the Wet n Wild (Taking The Red Eye) to chip and the nail with the Sephora by OPI neva chipped! I mean, you can see the tip wear but it didn't chip. Cool beans.

I added Holiday Rebel to my pinkies and my middle fingers and showed them off to everyone that asked to see my nails and several people that didn't. They accented my party nail (Sephora by OPI's Be-Clause I Said So) so nicely. This is a color combo that I will be using often. I might try topping green polish with this next time. Won't that be fun?!

I have a definite idea about what's going on the nails for this last week of the year. It's going to be my FAVORITE polish of the year so you want to tune back in and find out what it was.

AND, I think that I might do a monthly nail polish round up next year instead of each week. I did each week as a way to force me to paint my nails every Saturday but I've gotten a tiny bit of a life (let's not get crazy) and some Saturday evenings, I'm not home (hey! settle down). And, there have been weeks that I have taken off a polish that I couldn't stand and didn't even wait for it to chip. I think we will just notate all of that at the end of the month.

So, come back next Monday for my favorite polish(s?) of the year and our last Nail Polish Change Monday.

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