Dec 28, 2014

It's A Haul Y'all! - Bath and Body Works

Hey there!!

Darn it Bath and Body Works! You keep having sales and I keep buying things! I didn't go cray-cray. I only bought a few things each time so just like yesterday, we are talking a teeny tiny haul.

My mom and I went to the mall today (she was getting some car work done so we waited at the mall until they were finished) and while we were there, we visited Bath and Body Works for probably the 3rd or 4th time since Thanksgiving. Like I said, I didn't get a bunch of stuff but I thought I'd show you nice people what I bought.

I have fallen in love with the B&BW foaming soaps. My recent soap purchases were the Black Cherry Merlot (what??! it's so good), Crisp Morning Air (if crisp morning air smells like Macintosh apples!!) and Sapphire Plum (just plain ahhhhh). I prefer the foaming soaps to the others because the others have little seed things in them. The little seed things get under your nails and they are hard to clean out of the sink. The foaming soaps just plan work better, in my opinion.

During the $8 candle sale, I was prepared to go all ham on the credit card but it turns out that there were only 2 scents that I wanted to add to my collection. I smelled a lot of candles but I had already decided I only wanted to get fragrances that were different than what I already had at home. I was surprised that after all that sniffing, I only found 2 things that rocked my world. I got the Peach Bellini because it smells so good and the container is so gorgeous. I almost bought 2 so that I could have matching containers after the candles were gone! I also picked up the Holiday scented candle. It smells like red hots (food, again, big surprise) and I can only imagine that my house smelling like red hots is a good thing.

And, believe it or not, I only purchased 1 shower gel. I bought Honeycrisp Apple & Buttered Rum Orchard (again with the food scents). It really does smell all apple orchard-like (not sure where the buttered rum comes in). I have several B&BW shower gels (plus other brands that I've been trying out) and I really want to use some of them up before bringing more scents into the house. Apparently February, March and April of this past year saw so many shower gel hauls that I need to wash up a little more before I add to that collection.

I told you that you'd be proud of me! All my B&BW on sale and not too much. I really am trying to be smarter in my purchases this year. And, there is only so much money to go around and I'd like to make sure I can spend it where I'd like.

Did you check out the semi-annual clearance or are you going to wait for the next sale (in, like, a few weeks)? Do you already have a ridiculous amount of Bath and Body Works products in your house or do you need to get just a little bit more?

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