Dec 23, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Wet n Wild's Taking The Red-Eye and Sephora by OPI's Be-Claus I Said So

Hey There!

I am sooo sorry! I thought I had pushed the button on this post. Well, here you go, one day late. Sorry (and I was so excited about this).

If you thought I loved last week's nails, you ain't seen nuthin yet! This week I wore Wet n Wild's Taking The Red-Eye and Sephora by OPI's Be-Claus I Said So on my party nail. WOW! That red is a beautiful burgundy red that is smoky and sultry and just so sophisticated. I received soooo many complements on my nails. I've worn the WnW color before so I knew how fantastic is was but this just reaffirms it. The application was easy as pie, the formulation is great and the polish lasts so long. I'm in love.

The party nail was fun too. Do you see it? It looks like Dorothy's ruby red slipper high on glitter. I LOVE it! The glitter falls in just the right places. You know what I mean! Sometimes you have to strategically place glitter on your nails. But, with this color, every time you dip into the bottle, you get the perfect amount of glitter. This is going to be my favorite party look of the month, hands down.

Oh, and I gave up trying to shoot my nail pics the way everyone else does. My hands might have 3 good nails out of 5 so I'm going to take a picture showing off my best nails. Maybe next year I will make a light box or something. I dunno. Keep an eye out for that. 

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