Dec 24, 2014

Does Your Car Smell Good?

Hey There!

I always try to add in some home stuff here and there and this is the perfect opportunity to throw in some CAR smell good.

I laugh at that because about a month ago I purchased a sugar cookie hanging thing from the Dollar Tree. I wanted to make my car smell like cookies the next morning. Ummmm, no. My car smelled just as blah as it had the day before. I know that you can get those generic car trees in pine scent but I have no desire for my car to smell like a forest. I have used those stick things that you put in the car vents but those last like 24 hours. True story, I got in my car one day and I had 5 sticks hanging from the vents. car still smelled like regular car. Sighhh.

Well, the next day (after the sugar cookie non incident) I got to work and one of my co-workers was doing a fundraiser with Yankee Candle products. I looked through the catalog (because this person always purchased things when my kiddo would sell stuff for school) and my eyes rested on the Yankee Candle Car Jars. Score!

 I've never used Yankee Candle Car Jars before, but I can't imagine that Yankee Candle would put out a bogus car scent. I mean, there's not much room that you have to make smell good. It's not like a candle that has to have room throw for a full livingroom or something. It's a car!

I got 2 packets. Between the two packets I got Home Sweet Home, French Vanilla, Cinnamon & Sugar, Autumn Wreath, Macintosh and Spiced Pumpkin. Yeah, food scents -- what of it? Like I said, I haven't used them yet but the first one up will be Home Sweet Home (I'll be the judge of that!).

Have any of you used the Yankee Candle Car Jars? Are they any better than anything else? Is my car going to smell blah again or did I put my dollars to good use?

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