Dec 15, 2014

Broadway Nails in the color Bloody Lips

Hey There!

This week I tried one of my cheapy cheapy polishes that I found at Family Dollar. It's Broadway Nails in the color Bloody Lips. I know, crazy name. Sorry. I also know that some folks won't touch a cheap nail polish but I'm here to tell you, you can't discount polish because of price. Some of the worst polishes I've ever used cost me the most money and some of the best cost me a dollar.

This particular Broadway Nails color is a beautiful holiday red. My nails remind me of Dorothy's ruby red slippers. There is the slightest sparkle to the red color. I didn't think it would be this pretty when I used the one coat but right before I added the second coat, I took another look and realized I liked it very much.

I did a lot of moving things and manual labor this week and even so, the chipping was minimal. Score! My nails lasted a full 6 days and that never happens. The formula was nice, just the right consistency and it dried well.

My only con is from the brand as a whole (as it is carried by Family Dollar). There just isn't a big variety in colors. There are lots of blues and purples and well, just colors that I'm not into. Out of the entire display, this was the ONLY color that I wanted to try. It's really too bad because I like the formula and would be willing to try more of them.

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