Dec 9, 2014

Black Friday Haul - Milani

Hey there!

And the Black Friday boxes keep on coming in!

I was sooooo excited to get my Milani shipment. Milani was one of those websites that had Cyber Monday 50% off with free shipping over $25. I had already picked out items that I wanted so when I saw the deal pop up, I pounced.

My local stores have some Milani items but there are always things that you can never find in stock or your store doesn't carry it. That was what I was doing on the Milani website. I wanted to pick up those things that have been on my list for months but I can never seem to find them in store.

Top - Black Cherry
Second - Berry Tempting
Third - Primrose
Bottom - Flirty Fuchsia

Milani lipsticks and glosses seem to run out of my local stores. It never fails, I'll walk into the store and the colors I want are gone. I'm pretty friendly with the cosmetic counter folks and they tell me that as soon as Milani colors come in, someone snatches them up. So, I took this opportunity to order 2 of the Color Statement Lipsticks -- Plumrose and Flirty Fuchsia. Are those colors gorgeous??? I am so ready to wear Plumrose. It took all my willpower not to try it on before I took pictures! And looking at the bottom of Flirty Fuchsia, my first thought was that it would be too bold. Then I took the lid off of that bad boy and I didn't care if it was too bold or not. How gorgeous is that color? Soooo pretty!

I kept the prettiness going with lip glosses. I ordered 3 but one was on back order so I'll have to tell you about that one later. The 2 that did show up were Black Cherry and Berry Tempting. Yes, yes, yes. Those are temptress colors that you see. I have no problem playing the part! I'm loving the colors and we all already know how easy these glosses are to wear. I put Milani lip glosses up there with my favorite high end glosses!

I own several blushes from Milani but no face powders. My color match always seems to be out of stock. All of the lighter and darker ones are always there but the mid-tone shade is never there. I decided to try the Multitasker Face Powder in Tan. It looked close to my color and if it ends up not being my color, I can use it as a touch up powder.

I added 2 Illuminating Face Powders to my package. I ordered Amber Nectar and Hermosa Rose. I've mentioned a few times that 2015 is my year to find the perfect face illuminator. I don't know if one of these will win the prize but boy are they both really pretty. I'll let you know what I think of them.

So that's the Milani haul. Not bad for right at $25 bucks, huh? Especially since it's stuff that's hard to find. Are your Black Friday hauls still coming in? Did you find some new goodies or you just replenished your stock of old faithful?

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