Nov 7, 2014

Wristlets a.k.a. The Sephora VIB Sale Wore Me Out

Hey There!

I know that wristlets are not makeup or beauty (well, kinda) but I spent all week putting beauty products in my Sephora basket for the 20% off sale and then all day Thursday trying to tweak it (amid the constant website traffic issue), finally pushing the buy button at 8pm ET AND going to a brick and mortar Sephora store earlier today and finishing the damage. Forgive me for not talking lipstick, blush or foundation today. BUT stay tuned. There will be a haul and of course a review on some new things. I'll mention but probably not review my refills and restocks.

So while fighting the crowds today and for the rest of the holiday season, I won't be dragging a big, overstuffed purse around. I have shoulder issues anyway so when I started seeing wristlets, I got excited. I use to carry a boatload of stuff in my purse. If you wanted to play the "do you have it in your purse?" game, I'd win every time. Safety pins, hair bands, 5 or more lipsticks, several pairs of earrings, a pack of instant coffee, strands of different colored get the picture.

For about two months I've been carrying wristlets along with my crossbody bags (and then 2 crossbody bags broke from overuse and I went exclusively to wristlets). I've pulled everything out of my normal purses and made the decision that I only need a few things instead. I keep some money, 1 lipstick (ok, maybe 2), a half of a pack of tissue, 2 peppermints, my ear buds and my eyeglass cleaner. That's it! I'm searching of a small (tiny) lotion container but everything else is not needed.

When I am in my car, I have a small makeup bag with lotion, eye drops, a small e.l.f. face powder and hand sanitizer. That stays in the car because I don't need it with me when traveling in and out of stores or restaurants or movies or people's homes. When I'm at work, I have a duplicate of all of those things. When I take the train to work, I transfer the makeup bag into a work tote bag.

I thought it would be a pain not to have a small spiral notebook and nail clippers and a large hand lotion and 2 hair barrettes and 3 ink pens and... I quickly learned that I don't need to have those things on me at all times. And then I felt very liberated.

Smaller purses are cute and most of mine were under $20. I feel free and my shoulder definitely feels better. I can also have a wristlet to match every outfit for half the price it would cost me to have a purse for every outfit. And if I want to splurge on a really nice, name brand item, a small wristlet cost way less than a full size purse. T.J. Maxx and Marshalls have big name wristlets for $49 and full size purses from that same maker at $149.

So now I have no use for big purses!

Well, except for when I go to the movies.

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