Nov 2, 2014

Sunday Funday - Organization - Fall/Winter Makeup


Hey There!

It all began with someone (probably from YouTube) mentioning that they have their darker lip liner pencils pulled out so they can match their fall & winter lipsticks more easily. I thought that this would be a pretty neat idea. So, I separated my deeper liners from my lighter liners and put the lighter ones away. 

Then (because it always begins with a tiny spark), I decided that I needed to do the same thing with my lipsticks, lip glosses and my chubby lip balms/stains. Two hours and a stained hand later I have a bit of makeup organization. 

I don't have a ton of lip liners (well, maybe) but many of them are shades of nude (pink, mauve, caramel, etc). As far a dark liners, I stick with about 5 or 6. For me, I use summer lip liners as a way to base my lips and change the color of a nude lipstick. In the winter, my lip liners are almost always just to keep the lipstick from bleeding.

My winter lipsticks are deeper, darker, and a bit more daring. It begins with my Halloween lip look and then I remember, "Hey! I can get away with a darker lip!" and I begin wearing dark lips all the time. I do keep some deeper nude lipsticks out in case I need a lighter lip for some reason. I normally keep all of my lipsticks in a DIY lipstick container that holds 100 lippies (I don't have quite that many). I decided to pull out the fall/winter lipsticks and put them in acrylic holders that I got from Ross. Unlike the 100 count container, these containers only hold 24 lippies each making it much easier to grab a color and go.

My lip glosses were the toughest to go through. I have quite a few lip glosses so I ended up separating them by darker wine and burgundy, darker browns and nudes and darker pinks and mauves. I put them in pretty glass containers and sat them on my counter top for easy reach. In the fall and winter I use lip glosses over lipsticks. I very rarely wear lip glosses alone. I guess since everything else gets an extra layer of clothing, my lips need to keep an extra layer too.

My chubby lip pencils are almost always forgotten in the colder months. I have some matte ones that I remember but that cute little container usually goes untouched. Now that I have pulled out the lighter, more spring like shades, I'll reach for them more often.

Do you have colors that are reserved for or pulled out mostly in the cooler months? Do you forget about them all summer and then dance around the living room like a crazy women when you remember them?

Oh, that's just me? Sorry about that.

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