Nov 3, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Essie's Bahama Mama

Hey There!

This past week I wore another dark nail color. The weather is turning a bit chilly and I've turned my clock back so I've come to terms with the fact that winter really is on the way. Essie's Bahama Mama is a rich, grapey wine color that is very striking on your nails. I enjoyed wearing it, once I got over the fact that I couldn't do clean up on mistakes as well as I can with lighter colors. I think it was ok because I'm pretty sure no one looked at my nails and saw that the cuticles has traces of polish. No, everyone that commented loved the deep color, perfect for fall.

I used 2 coats but I probably could have done a third coat and gotten a richer look. It was chip free for 4 days (but you could see some typing wear by day 3) and the formula is fine but in my opinion, not $8.50 fine. No worries! I picked up this one in the Rite Aid discount bin for $2.12. It was definitely $2.12 fine!

When I initially picked up this color (mid-summer maybe?), I read some online reviews before using it. Most people really love the color but hate the streakiness if you only use 2 coats. I have to agree. I really loved the color but I wasn't in love with the fact that I should have used 3 coats. Had I paid the full $8.50 for this polish, I'd have been disappointed but I got it for a steal so I'm okay with it.

Keep reading folks because I think you are going to see lots more deep colors. I may throw some other shades in but you'll have to keep tuned in to see!

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