Nov 4, 2014

Does It Make Scents?

Hey There!

Yes, I meant to write it that way. I can’t spell worth a darn but “play on words” is my middle name (well, not really, but you get the point).

If you’ve been with me for any length of time (or seen my Instagram feed) you know how much I love candles. A good candle can put me in a great mood. A bad candle can tick me off! I spent October trying to get into the fall spirit and I think the candles drug me there kick and screaming. I spend quite a bit of cash on candles (smiles sheepishly). Almost, as much as I spend on makeup…well, ok, that went too far.

But, I do love my candles. And to prove how much, I’ll tell you what I was burning during October.

I have a candle warmer that I used to melt the unburnable parts or my scented wax cubes. Better Homes and Gardens makes some scented wax cubes for Wal-Mart that I just love. You see that Vanilla Cookie Crunch scent up there? After melting that for 30 minutes I kept wondering if my neighbor was baking cookies. I mean I seriously thought about going upstairs and asking her for one (we do know each other like that). Then I realized it was the melted cubes. You really need to pick up a $5 warmer from Wal-Mart (or catch them for ½ price at Michaels) and try these.

I have touted my love of Target soy scented candles. They are $5 for the small size (shown here) and $10 for the 3 wick sizes. Every now and then Target will put them on sale for $4 and $7 but not often. I normally stick to Sweet Spun Sugar (cotton candy HEAVEN!) but this time I tried Iced Limoncello and Heritage Pumpkin. Limoncello was fine but not great. It was just a normal lemon smell. Heritage Pumpkin will make you smack your mama! It smells so good. You know what I did – yep, bought a 3 wick candle. I ONLY purchase 3 wick candles if they are on serious sale or if the scent is that darned good. Heritage Pumpkin is that darned good. It smells up a small room or a small space in a big room.

Next to and on top of the Target Heritage Pumpkin are my Bath and Body Works candles. I have a small Pumpkin Cupcake and a large Sea Salt Maple Popcorn. I usually get the mini’s when they are 3 for $10 and rarely purchase the 3 wicks but Sea Salt Maple and Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding were half price and I couldn’t resist. I haven't burned Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding yet but the Sea Salt Maple is sooooo good. It gave my Target Heritage Pumpkin a run for its money. The Sea Salt Maple is so potent that after about an hour’s burn, I had to cover it up. Two hours later, I STILL smelled it! Such a great candle – I am going back for one more!

The 2 pieces of plastic are the small Yankee Candle votives that I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond. I picked several but so far I've burned Salted Caramel and Kitchen Spice. My history with Yankee Candles is that they aren’t worth all the hype. These are 2 of the ones that I picked up using 20% off coupons. I wasn’t impressed with either of them. Absolutely no room throw and even when I was right up on the burning candle I couldn’t smell them. I know that other folks really love them but what smells good unlit doesn’t translate. About a year ago I just had to have the Vineyard Grape scent. I paid about $10 for it and was sorely disappointed. If you were right up on it, it smelled great but if you walked 3 feet away, nothing – not a gosh darn thing! I gave YC a second chance because one of my YouTube ladies loves it but it just doesn’t work for me.

So there you have it. That's what's burning at the beach house. At this very moment things are smelling all pumpkiny. What's burning in your house right now?

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