Oct 5, 2014

Sunday Funday - Fall Nail Colors

Hey There!

I have to work a little bit at getting into Fall. I'm a Summer girl so when I see cold weather heading my way, I just want to hibernate. If it hits 66˚ in the morning, I feel like I need to pull out my parka and gloves! One of the saving graces is that Fall is so colorful. You just have to be happy with the warm, rich colors that Fall produces. The tops get longer sleeved and the colors get a muted, vivid tone. Jewel toned is what they say. Let me tell you, momma looks good in jewel toned colors.

Since we all know that I pretty much wear the exact same mauvey pink or brown hued lipstick/glosses, I have to branch out with color in clothing, eyeshadow (when I can get away with it) and nail polish. I love the fact that nail polish can really be transforming for a shy person (I didn't say that I was shy -- simmer down). You can paint your finger nails (or toe nails) in really "out there" colors and most people won't bat an eyelash. I find that the quietest people have so much fun with their nails.

I decided that for the month of October I'd pull out some of my Fall colors and show them off. I got as far as pumpkin colors, chocolate colors and cranberry colors. Then I got tired because I have A LOT of nail polish to go through. But I digress.  I pulled out Fall nail colors and decided to jump in a big pile of multicolor leaves (not really cause I have bad allergies and I can't be doin' stuff like that!) and show you what I currently have.

I started with pumpkin or orange colors. For some cray-cray reason,  I have a monkey load of orange nail polishes. These 9 are simply the oranges that looked the most pumpkinish to me. There were ten that I disqualified. TEN!!! Who needs nearly 20 orange nail polishes? I guess me. For some reason, orange polish looks good against my skin. Go figure.

Anywhosie, I have 2 creamy colors that I like to pull out...in the Fall. Yeah, yeah, I know. But, they are pumpkin colors! Revlon's Charismatic and SinfulShine's Mardi Gras are both very pretty colors that once my tan has gone away, I can get away with. Because they are cream colors, they are cool and shiny. The Revlon color is almost sheer but the SinfulShine color is totally opaque. Both colors are muted and soft and help me slip into cooler weather.

I've mentioned before that Kleencolor is a line that is totally overlooked. If you don't troll your local beauty supply stores like I do, you missed this brand and it's a shame. The formula is pretty dag-gone good and the color selection is crazy. They always have a new collection coming out. Anyway, I decided to temper my Kleencolor Sweet Orange (I love that name) with a more popular Rimmel London 60 Seconds in Golden Hour. These are lovely, perfect fall colors. The Kleencolor is an almost metallic orange and Rimmel is almost shimmery. Both are very opaque and give off great color. And, you can begin the Fall with them because even if you still have your summer tan, these colors are Fall rockable.

I often run away from textured nail polish but both SinfulColors and Zoya fooled me. I thought both of these colors were just glittery. Nope, they are textured BUT they are beautifully textured. SinfulColors in Orange Crush and Zoya in Dhara are party nails at their finest! If you are new round these parts (Welcome! Pull up a chair, pour some coffee [or wine, we don't judge] and enjoy), my ring finger is my party finger. I will decorate that finger, add sparkly, glittery, rock-filled polish colors on that nail. If I really like my party nail color, it sometimes get's promoted to all the nails. Orange Crush and Dhara are both party nail colors that I don't think will get promoted. They are pretty though. They scream Fall, don't you think?

My last three shimmers are heavy in Fall rotation people. They are so Fallish that they should stay on my desk in preparation for being worn. Wet n Wild's Luck a l'Orange, Maybelline Color Show's Orange Extreme and Revlon's Electrified Web are all such pretty colors. They really can be worn anytime of the year (as all nail polishes can) but they look so good when the weather is crisp, you have a warm pumpkin/mocha/white chocolate latte in your hand with the sleeve of your warm sweater just touching the cup. Ahhhh, one of the only good things about Winter -- cute sweaters. Back to the program. These are colors are delicious and should get worn often this season. Prepare to see them a lot.

Like I said in the beginning, orange polish just looks good on my little fingers. If you are like me and you have to be lulled or conned into welcoming the cooler weather, you need to go and pickup some Fall nail polish colors. Every brand of nail polish known to man puts out a Fall nail line. Once of those brands will have a collection that works for you. They will help you fall into that big pile of colorful leaves that is Fall.

Or go get a pumpkin latte and some new boots. That's going to help too.

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