Oct 6, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Deborah Lippmann in Mermaid's Dream, SinfulColors in Soul Mate and Pinky Glitter

Hey There!

Can we start with the toe nail polish (that y'all are seeing swatched and not on my toes)? It's a Deborah Lippmann (Mermaid's Dream) mini color that was in my Sephora Favorites Summer Stash bag from early in the summer. The color isn't my favorite but the formula is amazeballs! The first swipe across my big toe nail made me gasp (no funny comments from the peanut gallery!). It went on smoothly, almost perfectly. The glitter that you see is fine and smooth and so many wonderful colors wrapped up in this blue/green nail polish base. You can just barely see each blue, green and silver sparkly specs as you move the nail around and then there are larger green and blue glitter chunks that you are supposed to see. This tiny bottle was supposed to make me want to try full sizes. It worked!  I really, really want to pick one up (when I save up some Sephora money -- these boogers are $18 - $20 each).
Please excuse the kray-krayness of my nailwork this week.
I was trying a new polishing technique that obviously failed.
I will be back to the normally scheduled bad polishing next week
because apparently it wasn't as bad as I thought.

My finger nails were just as beautiful this week. They were graced with SinfulColors Polish. I wore Soul Mate and Pinky Glitter. Yes, that is a party nail that you see. Welcome back PN! Soul Mate comes off as a coral with a splash of orange. Pink Glitter is the same color, with just the best silver and iridescent round sparkles. The formula is very nice. I love the fact that when you use Pink Glitter, you don't have to maneuver the brush to get enough glitter on your nails. You can swipe normally and get a good bit of sparkle. I have many glitter polishes that I had to actually place the flecks of glitter where I wanted them. Not this one sister. Both colors go on well and lasted for several days. I went three days before my much used pointer nails got chipped. I loved these colors, I really did. One of my co-workers really did shout, "The party nail is back!" I didn't even know she noticed my party nail!

So in case you didn't notice, yes, I'd wear my SinfulColors polishes over and over again. And yes, I see the Deborah Lippmann polish as a party nail until I get a new Deborah Lippmann polishes that I can wear on all my nails. I have my eye on quite a few colors.

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