Oct 23, 2014

Redefining What "Make It Up As You Go" Means

Hey there.

It has taken me over a month to write this post. It took me almost that long to begin forming the plan in my head. I thought about waiting until November 1 to begin but I can’t. Just like birthing a flesh and blood baby, ideas are born when they are ready to come.

I love all things girly. I may not wear dresses everyday but frills, perfume, polish and glitter are a constant part of my life.  Candles and bubble baths; seafoam green bedding with a mountain of pillows; glasses of wine and cups of pretentious coffee…all of these things make up my world along with makeup. I always share what’s going on in the world of makeup but if you peek at my Instagram account, you’ll also see the other pieces of my other world – Sunday morning coffee, drugstore wandering, wine with dinner having, Monday quote making, crazy and fun world.

I’d like to invite you into that world via this blog. Instead of just makeup, I’d like to add things like a Wine About It Wednesday (once a month) to talk about the wines that I’m currently loving. Maybe I can share a random Bath & Body Works Saturday to showcase new candles and smell goods that I shouldn’t have bought, but I did anyway.  Perhaps I can devote a Sunday afternoon to the lovely world of bejeweled pillows and the diy fairy light arches (true story folks).

In short, I’d like to become like the beloved Sigma F80 Kabuki brush – 3D (side note, OMG, have you ordered one of those yet? I’m on the fence!). I’d like to showcase pretty things besides makeup, maybe offer a quick diy on Fall d├ęcor, talk about the lasagna soup that I made or just sprinkle magical, happy fairy dust on your day with a few words of wisdom. I don’t know – it’s all running through my head at top speed and I have to get it out!

How does that work in the scheme of redefining what Make It Up As You Go means? Well, you can make anything up as you go. Sometimes you have to makeup your Monday as it goes (cause you already miss Friday). Sometimes you have to makeup your job as you go (cause you don't know how to do that spreadsheet!). And because none of us knows everything, sometimes we simply have to make up life as we go. You have to create your living space, breathing room, boundaries -- whatever it is, sometimes you are fumbling in the dark. Well, let's fumble together (wait...that didn't come out right. You know what I meant!).

So you are the lovelies that get to come on this Six Flags ride. What do you want to know or talk about? What do you want to hear/see? I don’t have everything super planned out but I have some ideas floating about.

But, don’t worry – they will still be TONS of makeup happening.

There will just be a bit more wine and candles with it!

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