Oct 22, 2014

Quickie Review - Pacifica Color Quench All Natural Moisture Lip Tint

Hey There!

I love a good lip moisturizer. I wear one every night and first thing every morning. After my lipstick wears off for the day I grab something and throw it on my lips. As a matter of fact, hold on a second while I moisturizer my kisser.

Ok, I'm back. My latest lip moisturizing purchase was a Pacifica Color Quench  All Natural Moisture Lip Tint. I was in line at T.J. Maxx and noticed it. I have a few other Pacifica items and I wanted to try this one. It was only $3.99 so what was the harm?

Well, there wasn't any harm. There wasn't a ton of benefit, but there wasn't any harm.

Let's start with the good. This lippie smells sooo good. It's like a mango, coconut smell that I love. It reminds me of the beach and Summer and you all know how I love Summer!

Ok. That's it. Done with the good.

Yep. That's all of the good. This moisturizer is not moisturizing. I rub it on (and it's not a smooth rub. It is very waxy -- hard wax) and I feel like I'm tugging at my lips. When I rub my lips together (you know, to get the moisture going) it's like there isn't anything on them. They are slick or slippery or anything.

The circumference of the tube is big so I feel like I'm glossing half my face and not just my lips. They could have kept it at half the size and that would have been big enough.

I wish I had liked this lip moisturizer more because it does smell really good. Because there isn't any color to it, it doesn't change the color of your lipstick either. But, because it's so waxy, it doesn't help your lips.

If you see this in the store, I'd stay away from it. It isn't terrible...

...but it really isn't any good.

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