Oct 9, 2014

Quickie Review - Black Radiance lipstick

Hey There!

In case you are new and haven't heard it 5 million times, I am a Summer girl. It's my favorite season, hands down. I like hot weather, flip flops, sundresses and longer days. In my opinion some of the only things Fall is good for are pretty sweaters, sexy boots, snuggling, hot chocolate...wait, maybe Fall isn't so bad. 

Anyway, I like warm makeup. I love my pinks and sheers in Spring and Summer lippies but in the Fall I like my warm colors. These Black Radiance lippies fit the bill.

I've mentioned before that I sometimes forget about Black Radiance products. I'll just randomly walk past it in the drugstore, do a quick look and if something catches my eye, I stop and take a longer look. This time I looked and then picked up 5116 Tiger Lily and 5016 Eldorado Red.
Eldorado Red is at the top
Tiger Lily is on the bottom

Tiger Lily is a great Fall color. I call it my warm pumpkin lip. It's not a bright or shocking orange. It's a warm, pumpkin color with rich brown in the background. 

Eldorado Red is the perfect red for Fall. It's not a true red but more of a brick red, almost berry red, but not quite. It has a sheen to it that makes it come off a bit more berry on camera than it really is. This is a great lipstick to try if you aren't use to deeper reds because you can go with a lighter hand or you can layer it for a deeper color.

The formula of both lipsticks is smooth, moisturizing and even. The pigmentation is great and there isn't a smell. This lipstick lasted for several hours and wore off evenly. I hate that I forget about these lippies! There are 21 colors total (on the website) and now I have to go and pick up about 3 or 4 more!

WOW! Have you tried these lipsticks? What did you think?

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