Oct 13, 2014

Nail Polish Change – Wet n Wild Luck a l’orange & Zoya Dhara

Hey There!

I loved my nails this week! These two nail polish colors work sooo well together. They helped me get into the Fall spirit. No joke -- I lit a pumpkin spice candle, pulled all the long sleeve tops from the "other side" of the closet and moved my mocha nude lipsticks forward. All of that from a nail polish? Yep. 
It was easy to pull pumpkin/orange nail polish from my collection. Apparently I purchase shades of this color a lot. Wet n Wild is the largest brand in my polish collection, by far. The reason? Wet n Wild colors glow, pop and sizzle. I love draping my nails in a WnW color. You know that you are going to get complements and you know that the color will last. I wore Luck a l’orange for 5 days without a single chip. I loved it. The color has a beautiful pumpkin shimmer that looks great against any skin complexion. And, you gotta love that tapered brush. It coats your nails fast – two coats and go!

And Zoya’s Dhara is a perfect match. It’s almost the same color as Luck a l’orange, just textured. I wouldn’t wear it on all my fingernails (that’s just me) but it is the perfect party nail. Two coats is all you need and you don’t need an undercoat of anything else. It lasted just as long as Luck a l’orange and was just as vibrant.

I enjoyed looking at my finger nails this week and was sad to have to take the color off. But never fear, more Fall colors are on the horizon.

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