Oct 14, 2014

Don't Sleep On Cheap Makeup - L.A. Colors Lipsticks in Mauve Glaze, Sensual and Twinkle

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I got my makeup start many moons ago at dollar type stores just like several of you. We didn't have Dollar Tree back then but we had Family Dollar, Dollar General and beauty supply stores and they had cheap makeup. At 15, that's what you began to play with. I didn't get my first Fashion Fair lipstick until I was 17. I rocketed up the chain fast though because I purchased my first LancĂ´me lipstick and foundation about a year later.

One of the first cosmetic lines I played with was L.A. Colors. It was slightly cheaper than Wet n Wild and (at the time) about the same quality. My eyeliners were always either L.A. Colors, Wet n Wild or NYC. What else did a girl have? You remember taking those 2/$1.00 liners and burning the tips (Oops - did I just tell my age)? So, even though of the three, L.A. Colors is still seen as the cheapest, I still try it out when I see new things. L.A. Colors is very hit or miss though. 50% of the time you get decent and 50% of the time you get terrible. This time I got the 50% decent, but just decent.

I saw these three cuties at the Dollar Tree and decided that I needed to try them out. I had just spent $32 on a lipstick that I didn't like so why not spend $3 on 3 lipsticks that I might like. You never know. So, I picked up Mauve Glaze, Sensual and Twinkle.

Mauve Glaze is a single lipstick. It's a brown frost that doesn't deposit a ton of color on your lips but does look nice. It doesn't last forever on the lips but it also doesn't stain the lips (I'm not a fan of stains). It's one of those colors that you can keep in your purse just in case you forgot to put on lipstick.
Sensual duo

Sensual and Twinkle are both lipgloss & lipstick duos. The Sensual lipgloss is an iridescent plum-pink. Twinkle is more pale pink. The lipgloss portion of both of these duos is very light, deposits very little color and doesn't last very long. You need to use A LOT to get any on your lips. The lipstick on both, however, is nicer and does last quite a while. It's moisturizing and feels comfortable on the lips. Sensual is a nice berry color and Twinkle is a brown-orange that can easily be pulled off this time of year. Both have a touch of frost.
Twinkle duo

I feel that I got my money's worth with all three lipsticks. While I wouldn't repurchase the single lipstick, I would repurchase the lipgloss & lipstick duos. I don't have much use for the lipgloss side but the lipstick side is nice.

Have you seen these at your Dollar Tree and ignore them? Are you willing to spend a dollar to see how they work?

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