Oct 27, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Nicole by OPI's Feeling Very Cherry & Orly Crawford's Wine

Hey There!

This month's Ipsy bag contained a Nicole by OPI nail polish. It was a BEAUTIFUL color, Very Cherry. It is such a rich formula that looked sooo pretty on my fingers. It's nicely opaque and after 2 coats it looked soooo good. It was deep, dark cherry color that made me want to bite my fingers off!

My only complaint is that I wasn't able to clean up my nails. Yep, that's why my nails look like that. I tried to use my tiny concealer brush to clean up mistakes and it didn't work at all! That's ok. It just means that I will have to take more time when using it.

I used the Orly Crawford's Wine on my tosies. Maybe my bottle was an older bottle because it was a rough go. It took several passes to make it smooth. I'm glad that it's on my feet during the Fall months. I wear shoes that cover those bad boys most of the time so it doesn't matter that the formula isn't that great. But, the color is nice.

My nail color lasted 4 days and by the 5th day the chipping was really noticeable. I've had the toe polish on for a week and will wear it for another week, at least.

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