Sep 4, 2014

Summer Highlighter - Maybelline New York Master Highlight in Mauve

I hated messing up the pretty pattern in this pan!

Hey There!

I've been playing with all types of new goodies this summer and I can't wait to tell you about them. But, I still have to give love to some of the oldies that have really done a great job for me. Some of these just might go down in my Summer Favorites!

One of those items has been my Maybelline New York Master Highlighter in Mauve. It is a brilliant highlighter that also gives a bit of cheek color. In addition to Mauve, they offer Nude, Pink Rose, Coral, Light Bronze and Deep Bronze. After reviewing websites like crazy, I decided to try the Mauve. I use my standard e.l.f. blush brush to add this to the tops of my cheeks to the apples of my cheek.
At the very top is the blended color I getting using my e.l.f. blush brush
and at the bottom is a swatch.
I tried this out exclusively for 3 days. At the end of each day, I'd stare at the tops of my cheeks in the mirror. The dewy, supple shine at the top was still there! How fantastic is that?! If I wore primer, most of the plumy cheek color was still there too. It really is a great "Hi-Lighting Blush".

I know that I purchased mine at CVS during a BOGO half off sale with all types of coupons and specials. That's just the way I roll. That being said, I honestly do think that this is worth the $9.99 that it advertises for.

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