Sep 9, 2014

September Face (Powder) Off - NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder

Hey There!

I own two of the NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powders. I have All Over Bronze Glow and Pink Cheek Glow. There are 4 shades total - Translucent Highlighter Glow, Pink Cheek Glow, All Over Bronze Glow & Bronzed Pink.

I purchased these powders at different times but their normal price is around $4.99. I think because of their price, they are perceived as cheap products. They may be inexpensive products but many of the products in the NYC line are pretty durn good! These face powders are included in that list. They are light and airy and you get a good amount of product in that pan! I've never experienced any breakouts from the products and they don't smell bad or anything. They are slightly reminiscent of the Coty smell (that reminds me so much of my grandmother) but they aren't as strong as Coty. If you don't understand what I mean you have to go find a container of Coty powder and sniff. If you do understand, you just got a flash back of Coty red lipstick in a gold tube and the smell of Estee Lauder YouthDew and Cinnabar. Wow! Isn't that powerful?

Anyway, I use the All Over Bronze as a normal face powder. When all the colors are mixed they turn into a beautiful, warm brown that goes well with my complexion. I don't use it as a replacement for foundation. Instead, I use it as a face brightener. It is matte but even without sparkle or glitter or highlight, it warms my face and softens the color. It's like a magical haze for your face. It doesn't cover my dark spots or highlight my cheekbones or anything like that. It simply makes the natural, better. I really like it and I need to show it more love.

I use the Pink Cheek Glow as a blush. It's a pretty pink that is warm and soft as well. If you aren't careful, you can use too much but just a swirl or two around the palette will give you a beautiful cheek. It is matte as well, so if you want to use highlighter you can, but I'd go easy on it. This powder does quite a bit of brightening your face without it.

I highly recommend these two powders. They are great starter products if you are just beginning to feel your way around the makeup store. And if you already know your way around, go back to your roots and try these out! They are pretty good.

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