Sep 8, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Nailene Nail Studio Medium Nails

Hey There!

I don't have polish on this week good people. I'm sorry. I have on falsies that already have a design on them. They are French tipped with a white and silver leaf design. I saw this design in the store and my first thought was wedding nails. I know, right?!

I've been enjoying my fake nails for the past month or so. They are super easy to put on, comfortable, pretty and as long as you keep glue in your purse, low maintenance.

I picked up Nailene Nail Studio nails in medium. It's funny that they call these medium because they are still kinda long to me. I guess I should pick up short and stubby length from now on. Any who, the package has 24 nails and a small nail file in it. I guess I could keep the nail file in my purse. I'm not sure why but...

The package says they work best with Nailene Ultra Quick Glue. Of course they do. I've been using the Kiss Maximum Speed Glue and don't plan on changing that. It's worked very well so far. I did pick up a precision tip version this time though, because  sometimes I need to be able to re-glue the nail without pulling the whole nail off and gluing it back on.

Oh! And someone asked me about application and removal. Well first, removal is easy once I stopped using the nail polish remover trick. You know, where you soak your nails in nail polish remover for 5 minutes. That messed up the top layer of my nail. I started washing dishes in hot, sudsy water and then pulling them off afterwards. LOL! That didn't take off the top layer! And, application is easy too. I don't buff off a top layer of nail. Instead, I clean my nails and then add a layer of nail treatment. I let it dry and then add the glue and the nail. Most of them stay on for a week (I almost got 2 weeks out of them).

Over all, I am liking the cheaper press on/glue on nails! When I pay a bit more for the nails, they don't fit my hands. These fit beautifully. I'll be buying this brand more often. And  must say, I like not having to polish my own nails!

No worries though. I did paint my tootsies. I'll tell you next week how the polish lasted!!

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