Sep 10, 2014

It's A Haul Y'all! - Wet n Wild & NYX

Well, it's a mini haul.

Hey there!!

I picked up a few (and I do mean a few) things thing weekend. I haven't had many major hauls because I downsized my makeup area and I didn't want to clutter it again. Getting rid of so much stuff was almost traumatizing for me so I've been very reluctant to buy a lot. That being said, I picked up just a few things this weekend that I wanted to tell you about.
My local Walgreens store
Wet n Wild has some new stuff out. Unless you have been hiding under a rock (or aren't really that into makeup), you have heard about the new Under The Sheets Makeup Removing Towelettes. I have been hunting for these but my region of the country seems to get things after everyone else. No worries -- I have 'em now! I've accidentally heard a few reviews about them but I've been trying to steer clear. I want to give you good people an honest review of them. Give me a week or so and I'll tell you how I like them!
Again, my local Walgreens store
And right next to the wipes were new shades of Wet n Wild nail polish! I counted 6 new shades but (get this), I only picked up 1. I KNOW!! How crazy is that? Well, it's partly crazy and partly responsible (I don't like throwing around words like responsible! Next thing you know, I'll stick to a makeup budget).

Anyway, I only picked up 1 color, So Berry On Trend. This looks like a really nice color and I just felt that the other colors were so similar to other WnW colors that I already had that it didn't make sense to get them. This one might be one of the first ones I crack open for fall. Just you wait for a cold snap (a real cold snap).

And yes, you see NYX Butter Glosses. You know how in love I am with NYX Butter Glosses. I'd marry them in a heartbeat. I don't own all the colors but I come close. I picked up Angel Food Cake and Sugar Cookie. I was kinda sure I didn't have them already and totally ok if I did have them already! That's how good these things are. If you haven't tried one, at $4.99, I advise you go get one. Go to your local beauty supply store (not a name brand one, the one you go to for hair extensions and cheap nail polish) and try the testers (not on your lips! Good God woman! Your lips will fall off -- on your hand). You will certainly find a color that works for you.

And then you will fall in love. If the sweet smell doesn't get you, the great shine and color selection will. I almost promise you that it will.

And that's what I bought! I'll do my due diligence, try it all out and report back to you good people!

What have you purchased recently? Am I going to like it? Should I buy it? Are you on your way to pick up some NYX Butter Gloss?

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