Sep 1, 2014

Nail Polish Change - Kiss Brand Nails and Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in Wild Strawberry

Hey There!

I mentioned last week that I began wearing press on (glue on) nails. It's worked well for me. They look nice. They are short enough that I can type with them. And, they are low maintenance. For the most part.

I purchased the Sassy + Chic brand from the dollar tree and I really enjoyed wearing them. The one problem was that with only 24 nails (and 10 fingernails), you don't get a variety of nails to fit to your fingers. I decided to deal with this problem by buying a large pack. That works, if you get a brand that works with your fingers.

I was using Kiss brand nail glue, so I decided to try Kiss brand nails. I purchased a 200 pack for $6.99. I mean, you HAVE to find 10 nails that fit in a 200 pack -- right?


The 200 count box has 10 different sizes to choose from (20 of each type). Well, out of 10 sizes, I only found nails for 4 of my fingers. The other 6 had to make do with trimmed nails and ones that are a tad bit bigger than my nail. So, the fit wasn't that great. And, I discovered that if nails don't fit well, they pop off faster. Sighhhh.

Moral of the story? More doesn't mean better. Find a brand you like and get more of those.

Anyway, the nails aren't terrible. They allow me to add this polish on my nails -- Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel in Wild Strawberry.

Let me give you some background on how this color came into my possession. About 6 months ago, CVS put some cosmetic items on sale. Some things were 25% off, some things were 50% off and a small group was 75% off. I saw this color and thought it was very pretty. It was only 25% off, so I thought I'd wait until it was less. It wasn't like I needed new nail polish!

I passed this polish 6 times before I said screw it and brought it home. Then life happened, new polish happened and I forgot about it.

Until this past week. This week I wanted something a deeper pink than I had been wearing. Wild Strawberry sounded good.

Do you see that color? Is that not the PRETTIEST fuchsia pink you have ever seen?! I mean this color says sassy and hot all rolled into one! I love it! You KNOW how many complements I got on this color!

Again I can't tell you use on this one because I painted plastic. I can tell you I wasn't fond of the brush. It wasn't a tapered brush and I have really become spoiled by tapered brushes. The round handle was easy to hold but I felt like I had to keep dipping into the bottle to get enough polish.

But it was ok, because the polish is so pretty, I didn't mind spending extra time with it. I know. Crazy talk.

What are you wearing this week? Fall is on its way. Do you have your darker, deeper colors ready?

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