Aug 17, 2014

Sunday Funday - Holy Grail Tweezers

Hey there!!

Tweezers. Pluckers. Hair pullers. Stray eyebrow grabber. These bad boys have several names. I call them life savers.

I'm not a super duper hairy beast but I have my fair share of extra hair. And, because I have hair that has to be plucked from different parts of my body, I'm particular about the brands of tweezers I use. I have tried so many brands I can't name them all. I need tweezers that grab the hair and pull it from the root. Many "lesser tweezers" break the hair before the root is pulled. It doesn't matter if they are expensive or cheap -- Other tweezers that I have tried just didn't make the grade. They all have been trying to come close to the pair above.

I don't remember where I got my original pair of these tweezers. I just know that I fell in love with them once I used them. They are the perfect size and weight. The fit comfortably in my hand. The ends close tightly so they grab the hair and pull it completely out (instead of breaking it in half). They came with a pretty pink carrying case that I threw in the drawer and never used. If I couldn't find them (because I took them everywhere in the house -- good light is hard to find when plucking hair) I'd be distraught and spend hours looking (ok, ok -- minutes!) looking for them.

You get the picture. These were my fave.

I didn't want to be without these tweezers so I began the hunt to find a new pair. I figured if I had 2 or 3 pair, I'd be ok and I could stop buying crappy look a likes. I searched every store I could think of. I tried high end and low end and every end in between.


Until last week.

I found them at Marshalls.

I might have jumped up and down and started doing the hallelujah dance right there in the middle of the store. I confess to nothing. I was so excited. You know how you try out that new lipstick in the car? Yes, I did folks! I plucked out a hair in the car, in front of Marshalls.

Don't make fun of me. You've done it.

They pulled out the hair so smoothly. They pulled out the hair all the way to the root! I might have needed a moment with my tweezers (that didn't sound right).

So, here are my hold grail tweezers. I am not ashamed to say it. And if I find another pair, I'm going to buy them (and then do the happy, hallelujah dance).

What's your favorite "weird" holy grail item? Do you do the happy hallelujah dance when you find it/them?

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