Jul 18, 2014

Golden Summer

Hey there!

A good friend of mine told me that she wanted to try a gold nail polish on her nails for her summer trip. She likes to go to the beach and I guess the sand inspired her. She asked if I had a gold nail polish.

Do I have a gold nail polish? At last count, I had just over 200 nail polish colors. I know, I know -- that seems extreme. But, it's not. I've probably worn about half of them at least once and I've worn a quarter of them more than that (my toes get a lot of polish action).

Anywho, I rambled through my collection and oddly enough, I only came up with 4 gold nail polishes. With my complexion, I don't normally gravitate toward gold polish so I was kind surprised I had any. To be fair, one of them isn't a true gold and another one is an overlay color, so technically, I only have 2 gold nail polishes. That's not bad, right?

The first color is one of my favorite colors for my toes. It's Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail in Golden-I. No, I don't have that bottle of polish because that's the one my friend decided to use and I didn't take a picture of it first. I didn't tell you I was the smartest cookie in the jar. It's my favorite of the four because Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Polish is an awesome formula. It's my go to polish each and every time. This color is perfect for my toesies.

The next color is a Maybelline Color Show polish in Gilded Rose. It's actually an overlay color. I've used it on my party nail several times. You can use it over any color and it looks beautiful. 1 coat is pretty for a small hint of gold and 2 coats makes you go ka-bam! I've never used 3 coats.

The third polish is one I've never used. No real reason. I just haven't. It's A Star Is Born by Color Secrets. I think I may have found this at a beauty supply store. It was probably a BOGO or buy-three-for-a-price or something. I don't know the brand and I've never used anything by them so I don't know how well it works. It looks pretty though.

And finally I have 1000 Volts by Revlon. It's a green based gold and looks really pretty as a party nail. It's also nice on the toes. I tried using it on all the nails once and immediately took it off. I wasn't impressed. Revlon polishes also wear well so I like to reach for them as well. This color probably doesn't get as much love as it should.

And so there you have it. If you decide that you need to match your toes with the sand, here are 4 really good choices. I never thought of matching my toes to the sand but I would jump at the chance to match them to cotton candy or ice cream. Maybe though, just maybe I'll follow in my friends footsteps and wear gold next week.

What do you think?

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