Jun 10, 2014

You Make Me Blush! Boots No 7 in Spice

Hey there!!

I've owned my Boots No. 7 blush in Spice for several months (got it during a Target smack down sale) and quite frankly, I had forgotten about it. It wasn't bad or anything but I had other blushes to try. So, it went in the blush drawer and stayed there until a few weeks ago.

I was looking for something deeper for my cheeks. I was going to a night event and I wanted my cheeks to stand out a little bit. I knew that my No. 7 Spice was a buildable color so I popped it on.

I got compliments all night.

Everyone told me how nice my makeup looked and how beautiful my skin was. The only difference in what I normally wore was my blush. So, I wore it the next day to work.

Same story.

I got compliments on top of compliments. So I kept wearing it...for 7 days straight! And I loved it! It's smooth, goes on like a dream (be careful -- a little bit is enough) and lasts for several hours. If applied with a light hand, it looks like a fresh faced touch of color (for a woman with around NC42 skin). If you go with a heavier hand you can wear it for a night out on the town. It's beautiful.

And the packaging is cute, in my opinion. Some folks might call it cheap looking but I like it! It's sleek and looks rich to me. It's a piece that when you pull it out for a touch up, you wave it around so people can see it. And if folks don't know what The Boots Company is, they may think its frou-frou-er than it is. Remember, full price is about $10 for this blush. You aren't going to find a coupon or a half off BOGO either. You either pay $10 or you do like I did and catch it on during a discontinued sale for $3.

Now that I have played with my $3 spice color, I'd actually pay full price for other colors. Yeah, I know! That's so unlike me.

But this is a great blush.

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