Jun 5, 2014

Sephora Luster Long-Wear Lip Color

I know that the color is off here.

Sephora products are very hit or miss for me. Some things are great and some things aren't so great. I'm glad that the lovely ladies (and gentlemen) in Sephora let me play with things before I buy them.

A few weeks ago I played with (and then purchased) the Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Fig. Sephora.com says there are 12 "New!" colors. I fell in "like" with 3 of them -- Fig, Nude Pink and Petal. My first thought was to bring them all home but then I decided that I'd better try one before buying them all.

And now I gotta go back to Sephora and get the rest!!
This is closer to the color. On the lips it is gorge!

These little lovelies are $16 worth of lip goodness. I wasn't sure that I'd like them because the applicator reminded me of the Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stains that I just talked ugly about a few days ago.  When I tried this on in the store, it did go on matte, and I did feel like I needed a gloss on top (just a swipe, not a glob) but I really liked the color! The formula is nice, the color is beautiful (a strawberry milk chocolate color - yeah, I know) and it stayed on my lips for quite a long time (several hours I believe). I was very surprised.

It does have a bit of a plastic smell but I made sure to use my lip glosses that have a vanilla or sugary smell to mask that. And, as I said, they are a tad bit dry but the gloss takes care of that. They are more expensive than the Revlon Color Stays (double the price) but I only had to use a bit of color for my lips so I feel that this tube will last longer than Revlon would.

As I mentioned, I did go to Sephora.com to locate the price and the number of colors and then I read the reviews. Interestingly enough, they weren't all that favorable. I have to admit I find that odd and had I read the reviews first I would never have even tried these lippies.

Aren't you glad that I tried and then read? Yeah, me too.

Keep looking at my Instagram because I'm sure you'll see more Sephora Lusters soon!

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