Jun 6, 2014

Quickie Review - EOS Shave Cream

Hey there!

Several weeks ago I picked up an EOS (Evolution of Smooth) shave cream from Target. I picked it up from "The Dollar Spot" section. The EOS Shave Cream in pomegranate raspberry bottle claims "24 hours of deep moisture...helps prevent nicks and cuts". It also claims that it's so moisturizing you can shave wet or dry

I don't care a whole lot about which shaving cream I use. It gets the job done. Smells are nice, different moisture products (aloe or shea butter, etc.) are nice but honestly, for the 2 seconds it's under my arm pit (TMI I know) I don't really care. I just wanna shave and go. This product is fine for that. It's smooth, it smells good, it's not too thick so it goes on well. It doesn't clog up my razor and doesn't discolor my towels.

After saying all that, I don't like the bottle for this. It's a squeeze bottle and I just don't feel like I can get everything out. Normally when I buy a shaving cream, I buy one of those big cans of foaming stuff and I use it FOR-EVA. I toss it when the I get sick of the scent, acquire a new can or just get tired of what's inside. My rationale for purchasing this one was I thought that because it was a small bottle I'd use the entire thing before it went bad or I got sick of it. The truth is that I will have to take the cap off of it in order to get the second half of the bottle contents out.

I think this was $.97 at Target. I will make sure I get my $.97 worth out of it but I probably won't buy it again. If it comes in can form, I just might.

Have you tried this? Do you have a preference for shaving cream?

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