Jun 29, 2014

Quickie Review - Cherimoya Magic Lipstick

Hey there,

I took a double take 2 weeks ago when I saw these at my local beauty supply store. They look so similar to the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm that I wanted to see how similar they really were. I bought 2 of them, grape flavor in the blue tube and strawberry flavor in the purple tube. They were $.99. I figured if they didn't work out it's only a $2 loss.

Well, these aren't like Baby Lips lip balms that's for sure. I didn't read before purchasing but these are color changing lip balms. They are nice and smooth on the lips and they would be good except they both cause my lips to turn Kool-aid red.  Kool-aid red isn't so pretty on me. Other than that, they really are nice. They smell fruity and kept my lips moist for several hours (until I got tired of the "Oh yeah" red and wiped it off).

I don't know that I'd recommend them though. If you are ok with color changing "lipsticks" then this is for you. For the price, these aren't bad. Just put a gloss on top to tone down the red.

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