Jun 18, 2014

Behind The Mask - May and Early June Unmasking

Let's not even say it. We all know I've been a slacker in the masking department. Let's just agree that I need masking therapy. There is just something so hard about opening a mask and putting it in my face for 10-20 minutes. Yep. I have issues. 

But have no fear. I have used masks during this time. I just haven't used as many, as often as I should.

I used my Lush Cosmetics OatiFix Fresh Face Mask twice. It felt really nice. It was also nice knowing that everything was freshly made. Afterwards I wanted to make banana bread...seriously. My face felt nourished and refreshed. And I felt hungry. 

You have to keep it in the fridge.  That's a downer. I don't remember that it's there. I might buy it again though. I have to see if I can get over the fact that it only lasts 3 weeks. If I were better about masking...

I saw the Garnier Intensive Treatment Skin Renew mask at my local drugstore (I think it was Walgreens). I had seen this mask advertised so I knew that I wanted to try it.

This mask was very liquidy. I like that. It was wet enough to give my neck some love. Many of the masks that I've used have had some extra liquid but not enough to go down to my neck.

This mask claims to have stretch-to-fit technology? Really? No. It stretched about as much as they all do. In fact it was a bit small for my face. It Smelled fine...just like the other beauty supply stores masks do. 

All that being said, it costs $2.79 so twice what the comparable beauty supply store ones cost. I know that there are high end masks that cost more but so far I personally haven't come across one that excited me enough to pay that. This one doesn't excite me either. I probably won't buy this one again. 

I picked up my  Montagne Jeunnesse Creamy Coconut face mask at Wal-Mart. I have admit that it has an artificial coconut smell. That wasn't too bad though. It tingled for thirty seconds then fine. You know ever since the Glam Glow mask tingling scares the crap out of me.  

I can get two uses out of this pack. Score! It dries on your face - not like a hard mask though. Afterwards my face was sooo soft.  I kept touching it. There wasn't any tightness at all. I will repurchase this mask. 

My last mask was the Epielle Facial Essence Mask. I've used the cucumber mask in this line before. It is really nice. It has a large surface area and feels comfortable on the face. I did discover that I have to cut the eye holes a little bit bigger. The way the cut is situated bothers my eyes. But it is very similar to the Garnier mask (or the Garnier is similar to it). The difference is that I pick these up at Big Lots for $.69 a pack. 

It feels good and it smells good. I don't feel any unnecessary tightness and afterwards there is enough liquid left over for my neck. I will certainly purchase this mask again.


  1. I never do masks! I hate the waiting and the only time I ever did try them they made my face feel super tight. Also, I had no clue that they came in a pre-formed shape. I thought they were always liquid that hardened while you sat there staring at the clock. I think I will try the coconut one you wrote about. I've seen those packages hanging around. Just subscribed by the way! :-D

    1. I've tried to do better but I currently have one used mask for the entire month of July. We'll just have to try to do better together!

      Thanks for subscribing!