May 16, 2014

NPW Nail Polish Remover Pads

So in keeping with the theme of reviewing things that I recently purchased, I have a nail polish remover review. I was raiding the Walgreens dollar bins and came across these NPW Strawberry $1 Nail Polish Remover Pads. I normally keep it moving when I see these types of things but one of my favorite YouTube gurus tried some from Kmart and liked them. So, I thought I'd give these a chance.

This little pink tub of remover pads has 25 thin pre-moistened pads inside and they are very convenient for travel. I mean, I wouldn't change my nail polish while traveling but someone else might and this would be convenient.

The container says that the pads are alcohol and acetone free. They do smell alcohol and acetone free. They kinda smell like strawberry with a splash of nail shop thrown in. They are very thin wafers and if you aren't careful, you can pick up two instead of one. And if you are wearing light colored polish, one will do the trick.

I had on pink polish and 1 pad did a decent job of removing my polish. I had to work hard to get the polish off but I'm use to my remover with acetone in it. We all know how fast that works (and how damaging they say the acetone is). One disappointing thing was that these remover pads were super oily. I guess that helps remove the polish but it was annoying to try to take of the color with slippery fingers. And the pad was super thin so I ended up folding it over to get a good grip and slide it across my nail.

I did a bit of research on the world wide web and discovered that you can get these NPW remover pads in cupcake vanilla scent as well. I don't know if that's better than the strawberry but maybe you like vanilla scented remover pads.

Again, it did remove the polish but at the cost of time and energy. I think that a cotton ball or cotton round would have worked better. And it's a dollar. I can get a whole bottle of remover for a dollar. And I can get a bag of 100 cotton balls for a dollar. So, for $2, I have about 100 nail swipes. For me, that's a better deal.

I won't trash these...I'll use them. They are convenient and don't smell terrible. But I'd never purchase them again.

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