Apr 19, 2014

Spring Favorites

Hey there!

I thought I'd change it up and drop a fun faves post. I originally thought I'd do the sundress weather tag but I didn't really feel like it said anything about me in relation to makeup. I decided to just pull random spring questions from the web. While I like Spring, my favorite time of the year is Summer because it's hot. I live in Atlanta and normally Spring time means that the hot weather is coming soon. Of course this year it's been cooler than normal. Just 3 days ago I had on a coat. A coat people, on April 14 -- in Atlanta.

BTW, I keep saying hot weather because I'm not talking about comfortably warm weather that requires a light sweater in the morning. I'm talking hot weather. You wake up a tad bit sweaty cause the 2 fans on you didn't do the trick overnight and your ac bill triples but you don't care. And, you keep 2 full ice tray's in the freezer at all times because you are going to need an iced drink the second you get out of bed. I like that kind of hot. I really do.

Any who, Spring has sprung -- even if the weather doesn't say so. That means that Summer is around the corner.  So, let's talk about the things I like about spring.

Favorite Spring Candle Scent?
I have been loving my Target Sweet Spun Sugar scented soy candle. It fills the rooms with sweet, cotton candy scented goodness. I know that everyone rants and raves about the Bath & Body Works candles but really, this one is nothing to sneeze at. In my opinion, it's just as good but half the price.

Runner up? Yes, it's a Bath & Body Works scented candle. It's the one in Pink Bubblegum. I buy 3 for $10 mini's and it makes me feel better. But this one, I'd pay full price for a large one. So yummy smelling!

Favorite Spring Bubble Bath?
There are three that I've been loving. I picked up this Philosophy Strawberry Italian Soda bubble bath from Marshalls for $10. It smells like strawberry soda. I mean you can smell the bubbles. Yes, that sounds like crazy talk but you can, you really can.

Bath & Body Works Signature line has some of my favorites. I always have to wait for the special sales when these come out. My favorite of all time is the Signature Vanillas Shower Gel in Lemon. OMG. It is amazing. I'm using this one sparingly because I'm down to my last bottle. Next time it goes on sale you must grab one. You'll love it.

Another Bath & Body Works fave is Orange Ginger in the Aromatherapy line. It's a nice smelling body wash that I only use during the day. I just feel like this one wakes me up and leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Top Row: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Poppy, Rimmel 60 Seconds in Golden Hour & Pulsating, Rimmel Sweetie Crush in Candyfloss Cutie & Violet Swizzle
Bottom Row: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Pumped Up Pink, Wet n Wild Megalast in Bite The Bullet & Revlon polishes in 
Strawberry Electric Spidey Sense & Charismatic

Favorite Spring Nail Polish Colors?
Yes, I know that pulling out 10 is probably over kill but I keep my finger nails and toe nails painted and that takes a lot of polish. Many of these are new (Rimmel 60 seconds in Golden Hour and Pulsating, Rimmel Sweetie Crush in Candyfloss Cutie and Violet Swizzle, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Pumped Up Pink, Wet n Wild Megalast in Bite The Bullet and Revlon polishes in Spidey Sense and Charismatic) but I have my old standbys (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Poppy and Revlon in Strawberry Electric). If I have to pick a favorite, favorite, it would be the Revlon nails in Strawberry Electric. I probably need to get a backup cause I would be so sad is this one ran out.

Favorite Spring Lip gloss?
You know how I love lip gloss. I have a lot. No, I don't know how many. I can't count that high. But, my favorite 3 are the Lancôme Gloss in Love in Cinema Cinnamon, Revlon Colorburst in Peony and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pinkissimo. These colors are light and beautiful on their own and when you add a liner with them or apply them over a light lipstick you get a BAM! for your lips. They are in my Spring rotation and I'm sure that I'll keep them in the Summer.

Spring Trend I'm Loving
Party accent nails are awesome! They let me get away with fun colors while wearing neutral colors on the other 8. I was like the whole nude lip thing but I think that was winter, not spring. I'm not 100% sure what else is happening but I'm on board with the party nail.
These are silver earrings. The lighting isn't the best!
Favorite Spring scarf or accessory?
Earrings. LOL. I know that sounds weird but I love earrings and my favorite type of earrings are hoops. How much do I love hoops? I own about 22 pairs of hoops right now. My favorites are these three. The large ones are fun and funky, the smallest pair are classic and the smooth pair are just awesome. I wear each of these at least once a week.

And there you have it! Those are my Spring Favorites. What are you liking this spring? What things are you avoiding like the plague? What Spring Faves are you willing to spend a lot on and what trend wouldn't  you purchase with a money making coupon?

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