Apr 7, 2014

Nail Polish Change - L'Oreal Paris Nail Color in I Pink I'm In Love

Well folks, I tried a new spring color. I picked up a L'Oreal Paris Nail Color in I Pink I'm In Love. Ummm, no, I don't.

I have to give L'Oreal Nail Colors an official C minus. This was the streakiest polish I have ever worn. One nail out of 10 wasn't streaky and I think that was because I put on 2 really heavy coats of color. The other nails looked as if I had used a ten cent nail polish (no, I have not tried a ten cent nail polish but I'm sure that it's streaky like this). I spent a lot of time looking at my nail color, hoping that nail polish change day would come sooner than normal.

And, the color was terrible against my skin. I can't blame that on L'Oreal though. I just picked a bad color. I thought this would be a soft pink. It's not. It's a very harsh pastel and that just doesn't look well against my brown skin. The lady at work that is nice and always says, "Oh that's a pretty color" looked at my nails and said, "Yeah, that's not a good color for you." Color incompatibility confirmed.

It had the same staying power as the others. I had one nail that chipped on day 2, two nails that chipped on day 3 and then the rest stayed until day 5. That would normally not be bad but the ones that kept holding on were the streakiest ones!

I'm sure I purchased this on a Target endcap so I don't see it as a waste of money. I think that I'll try other brands for a while. Because L'Oreal nail polishes have really hurt my feelings.

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