Apr 8, 2014

Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV-Lotion

I have tried many moisturizers in my lifetime. For night time, I am currently using one that I don't really like but I don't want to toss it. I have 2 other night time moisturizers that I'm waiting to try BUT for day time moisturizer,  I do not stray (now). I love my Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV-Lotion (that's a mouthful).

I have fairly decent skin. I don't get breakouts that often but if I put something on my face that my body doesn't like, I get very red and splotchy. Several years ago I began the quest for a daily moisturizer and stopped when I got to my Garnier Nutritioniste. It is lightweight, has an SPF of 15 and doesn't have a scent to speak of. It is very soothing to my skin and during warmer weather, works well for day and night. In the winter I have to add a different night cream because my skin gets super dry.

It seems that the 4.5 fl. oz. bottle lasts forever. I purchased the one I'm using now back in October (I think). In the summer I use more because I use it both day and night so I use about 2 bottles a year. That' not bad at all!! I use 3 pumps and bam! That's enough for my face and my neck. When I am using BB cream I use 2 pumps and then a touch of BB cream mixed in. I don't think that's the intention of BB cream but I love it that way. It gives me that base coverage I really like.

I also use my Garnier Nutritioniste as eye cream. Now, before anyone yells at me, I've had a bear of a time finding an eye cream. The last one I tried might have been the culprit in my eye infection (or it could have been the eye mask I used. I refuse to reuse either of them to find out). I had probably tried about 4 different eye creams by that point and then I saw someone's YouTube video and they said they just used their daytime moisturizer as eye cream. So, I take the smallest of drops and very gently tap it under my eye. I've been doing this for over a month now and it doesn't seem to bother my eyes at all. I really like it.

I've played around with other moisturizers (high end and drugstore) but I always come back home. This one does the trick every single time. Because of that, I decided this month to just induct Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV-Lotion into my Holy Grail Hall of Fame and never look for another one.

Unless they stop making it.

Then I'll get angry.

They don't want to see me angry!

What's your holy grail moisturizer? How did it get that coveted spot?

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