Apr 15, 2014

Brush Up On It!!

I'm not big on sets -- not sets of anything really. I like buying things piece by piece and just getting what I want or need. Makeup brushes are no exception.

Normally when I look at brush sets I only need half of the brushes listed. Sometimes I need even less than that. So, most of the time, I just get only what I need. That's a good motto for everything, huh?!

So I've heard good things about the e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush. It's a $3 brush that I picked up at Target. Many people have said how great it is for blush. Many people would be right! I've used this for my blush since the day I got it. I probably need to get another one as a backup when I wash my brushes. Most of my blushes work very well with this one, including my Maybelline Face Studio™ Master Glaze™ Glisten Blush Stick. It doesn't work well with the blushes that you have to swirl a brush into and mix the colors but everything else is good.

While at Target, I picked  up a 2 eye brushes. One is a large shader brush and the other is a small shader brush. They are both soft enough to sweep daintily across my eyes but firm enough to pack on the right amount of product. I don't think I paid much more than $5 for the pair but boy was it a good investment!

The best eye brush purchase this month was my Cala brand #313 eyeshadow brush. I found this one at the beauty supply store for $3. Wow! This one is amazing. It's softer than the Target pair but just as firm. The handle is a tad bit longer than the Target pair too -- the perfect length for great control. This brush puts on product very well and washes so well.

I got lucky this past month. All 4 of my brush purchases were spot on.

Next month I will look at powder brushes. Do you have any good, inexpensive choices?

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